Saturday, February 1, 2014

Demystifying the ITIN

If you are new to the US and having to file your US tax return for the very first time, you are probably grappling with a string of questions around how to file the taxes, what software to use, how much to pay for tax filing, how much tax refund to expect, etc. And now in addition to all these questions, your friend just dropped  another mysterious term at the super bowl party - ITIN. As if the current confusion was not enough, now you are scrambling on your smart phone trying to look up ITIN!

If your search has landed you to this blog, you are in luck. We have been helping folks on H4 and other dependent visas file for their ITIN for the past several years. Each year begins with a flurry of phone calls and emails from H1 visa workers trying to figure out the mystery around filing taxes, refunds and ITIN. If you are in a rush and cannot wait another second to understand ITIN, follow this link to a guided step-by-step ITIN application process.

So who is eligible for an ITIN? Only legal residents in US that are not eligible for a Social Security Number are considered ITIN eligible in general. There are some additional conditions that you must satisfy in order to be able to apply for ITIN. But as long as you have a valid foreign passport, valid US visas and a good reason to be here in the US, you should be able to apply for ITIN.

Can you Do-it-Yourself? Yes, for some folks it is possible that you can file for ITIN on your own. It is similar to asking the question, can I file for Green Card on my own? Or, as some of your clients may be wondering, can I write that SQL query on my own? Sure, there is no law that says you need a lawyer to file the green card or need a programmer to write SQL queries. After all the Green Card is only a few page application written in english. And there is a SQL for Dummies book that you could borrow from the local library. So if you are comfortable, you can apply on your own. However, you may have to solve a few additional mysteries along the way. Where to file the ITIN, do I send original passport or can I send attested copies? Will it affect the time for my Tax Refund, etc.

Now if you want easy answers, it is not so easy. That is why we have lawyers and accountants. You want to search for an ITIN Acceptance Agent. Find one, look up their reviews. If the reviews are good, work with them to get the ITIN. It will be well worth the time and hassle you save. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

ITIN Acceptance Agent in Charlotte NC

H1 visa holders have to bring their dependent spouses and children on the H4 visa. The H4 visa does not allow for the folks to get social security numbers. Hence it becomes a challenge to file your Tax return as Married filing jointly with the IRS.

The IRS has recently released new rules for applying for an ITIN number. This works in place of the social security number and allows the dependent visa holders on H4 visa to file jointly along with the H1 visa worker.

IRS has appointed K&M Accounting and Tax Services as the ITIN Acceptance agent in Charlotte. K&M accounting and Tax Services are offering their service as ITIN Acceptance agents to residents of North and South Carolina states in addition to Georgia, Virginia and Florida.

Having an ITIN does not authorize someone to work in the US. It only allows them to file tax return and be claimed as a dependent on a tax return. Typically spouses and children of H1 visa workers qualify for the ITIN.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tax Deductions for H1 visa workers

H1b Visa workers are classified as temporary workers in the US with a non-immigrant visa. Even though H1 visa workers are not considered Permanent Residents as per the Immigration Laws, the tax laws consider certain H1b visa workers as US residents for Tax purposes.

There are special tax treatments for Non-resident (as defined by tax law and not the immigration law) tax payers. These special deductions include expenses for hard ship away from home, lodging and boarding expenses etc.

H1b visa workers can gain from these special deductions and tax treatment to increase their Tax Refund. Our team of Tax experts can help you find out if you qualify for these tax refunds and guarantee the Biggest Tax Refund as H1 Visa worker.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

U.S. Resident Alien Status for Taxes

It is important to correctly determine the US Resident Alien Status for taxation purpose under special conditions like foreign worker’s stay period not passing through substantial presence test. Did you know that even an H1 visa holder may be considered as US Resident under certain tax consideration?

Research and Planning may be required to consider Resident v/s Non-Resident Spouse and Kids of a Resident Taxpayer as Resident Aliens of the land of US. General guidelines published by IRS, are benefiting H1 consultants so much so that one out of every 5 H1 worker that does adequate research and planning can have additionally benefit on possible tax claims from previous years that they could claim from past years. is a site specifically dedicated for H1 visa holders tax issues and tax preparation. The site provides great information on the various issues related to taxes as well as offers biggest tax refunds.