Wednesday, January 8, 2014

ITIN Acceptance Agent in Charlotte NC

H1 visa holders have to bring their dependent spouses and children on the H4 visa. The H4 visa does not allow for the folks to get social security numbers. Hence it becomes a challenge to file your Tax return as Married filing jointly with the IRS.

The IRS has recently released new rules for applying for an ITIN number. This works in place of the social security number and allows the dependent visa holders on H4 visa to file jointly along with the H1 visa worker.

IRS has appointed K&M Accounting and Tax Services as the ITIN Acceptance agent in Charlotte. K&M accounting and Tax Services are offering their service as ITIN Acceptance agents to residents of North and South Carolina states in addition to Georgia, Virginia and Florida.

Having an ITIN does not authorize someone to work in the US. It only allows them to file tax return and be claimed as a dependent on a tax return. Typically spouses and children of H1 visa workers qualify for the ITIN.